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Meet Kate

January 15, 2014


Welcome to my little space on the Internet, I’m Kate.

I’m a twenty-something Melbourne-dweller with a fondness for books, coffee and cats.

Lillytales began as an Instagram book blog; a place to share and chat with others about the books we all love to read. Since then, I have broadened my horizons to create this blog, start a YouTube channel and have co-created an online store called Nook & Burrow.

I continue to browse, buy, read and review literature through my Instagram page but I created this blog to incorporate my other areas of interest such as food, fashion and film. I’m currently studying a Masters of Publishing and Communication at the University of Melbourne. I also work as a publishing assistant and online editor, as well as co-managing my online store, Nook & Burrow.

My ultimate happiness is with my partner Sim and our cat Jag. We’re lovers of nature, so you’ll likely find us in one of Melbourne’s beautiful parks, nose-deep in a novel.

You can find me:

Instagram @lillytales
YouTube: Lillytales
Twitter @lillytales_
Pinterest @lillytales_
Email: [email protected]