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June 2, 2017

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After having a pretty slow reading month during May, I finally decided to blow the cobwebs off the books that were adorning my bedside table (and I was not actually reading) and clear the decks – ready for a fresh stack of lovely books that I’m really excited to read.

It’s not that I wasn’t reading a great set of books, Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder was the Bibliophile Babes book club pick for the month and October is the Coldest Month by Christoffer Carlsson has been swimming around in my handbag for the past two weeks.

I was just in one of those moods where I couldn’t really get in to any of the books and I was choosing to listen to podcasts and watch TV in my down time instead.

But I’ve decided this month is going to be different! Rather than slog along with the books I’ve been halfway through during May, I thought it would be better to wipe the slate clean and pick out a fresh stack of books to keep by my bedside, which I am determined to get through!

Here is what made the cut for my current reading list:

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

A classic feminist novel that has been thrust back into the spotlight due to the world’s current political climate. I also really want to get this read before the TV adaptation screens on SBS in July!

Adult Fantasy by Briohny Doyle

The second book by author of The Island Will Sink and this time it’s non-fiction! This is a book about being a millenial and the author questions the importance of certain maturity ‘milestones’ that our society places on thirty-somethings. It discusses mortgages, marriage and other types of ‘adulting’ – topics I’m really interested in as I approach the big three-oh.

The Bricks That Built The Houses by Kate Tempest

If you watched my Collective Book Haul video, you’ll know that I’m really excited to read my first Kate Tempest. This is a story about a group of friends, living in London, who are trying to escape the city for various reasons. Apparently it is gritty, raw and beautifully crafted. I cannot wait!

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I’m planning to buddy read this with one of my friends and now that we both have our hands on a copy, I’m looking forward to diving in and chatting to her about the complexity of the characters wound up in this intriguing tale of two young people who grow up in Nigeria. One of them moves to America and one of them stays in their homeland and this book tracks their lives and all of its twists and turns along the way.

South of Forgiveness by Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger

This is the only book in this stack that has been on my bedside table for a long time. I first started reading this book a couple of months ago before it was released and, for some reason, I haven’t picked it up in a while. It’s not a story that is short of intrigue – it’s a non-fiction book written by a woman who was raped and the man who raped her. It tracks their email conversations over a decade and their meeting in South Africa and journey to write this book together. Although my reading of this has been delayed, I am determined to get back to it and finish reading this unique story between an unlikely writing duo.


So they’re the books I’ve picked for myself to read over the next month or so – what do you think? Have you read any of these books? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’d also love to hear what you’re currently reading!

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