We Will Rock You | The Musical

September 6, 2016

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We Will Rock You The Musical

Last Wednesday evening, Sim and I were back at one of my favourite venues in Melbourne, The Regent Theatre, to sing our hearts out to We Will Rock You the Musical. You’re all probably familiar with the classic song of the same title by Queen, right? Well, the musical is set in the future, 2350 to be exact, where live music is banned and society has morphed into a homogenous, digital-obsessed culture where individuality is out, and synthesized pop is the only acceptable form of musical self-expression.

At the top of this digital world’s hierarchy is the Killer Queen (played by Casey Donovan) and in her sights are the rebellious clan of rock-lovers lead by Galileo (played by Gareth Keegan) and Scaramouche (Erin Clare). This clan is determined to bring rock back, in a big way!

We Will Rock You has performed in front of over 16 million theatregoers in 28 countries and was crowned the UK’s favourite show at the Olivier awards 2011 (British theatre’s answer to the Oscars). I remember seeing that it was playing in London while I was there a year or so ago and I’m so glad I’ve been able to see it in my home city of Melbourne.

With a show like this, it is ALL about the music, and the cast did not disappoint. I thought the female performers absolutely stole the show, with my favourite voices and characters played by Erin Clare and Casey Donovan – their incredible voices literally gave me goose bumps!

We Will Rock You

The show includes 24 of Queen’s legendary hits including We are the Champions, Radio Ga Ga, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Somebody to Love, Killer Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Under Pressure, Another One Bites The Dust and, of course, We Will Rock You.

Also worth mentioning were the incredible costume designs. The rebellious rockers were clothed perfectly and were really reminiscent of the British rock-punk scene of the 70s and 80s.

The overall plot was a little predictable but the delivery was of such high quality. If you’re into your music (and you love a dose of British, pun-heavy humour) I highly recommend you get to We Will Rock You while it’s in Melbourne, it’ll blow your mind.

We Will Rock You


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