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May 16, 2016

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The Sound of Music - Lillytales

When an email popped up in my inbox asking if Sim and I would like to attend The London Palladium Production of The Sound of Music at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre, my inner musical geek shrieked with excitement! No shame. So off we went after work on a Friday night to the opening preview, to watch dancing nuns and sing our little hearts out.

Following its record-breaking run at the London Palladium, The Sound of Music is now playing in Melbourne, Australia. We completely lucked out and were seated in the center of the upper deck at the gorgeous Regent Theatre – one of my all-time favourite theatres – it’s one of those classic spaces that transports you back in time and focuses as your attention is held by the incredible performance played out in front of you.

Sound of Music Lillytales


Sound of Music lillytales

The Sound of Music - Lillytales

For anyone who hasn’t seen the The Sound of Music film, the story follows Maria, an unconventional aspiring nun who is sent to the wealthy family home of the von Trapp family to be the baroness for seven children. Upon her arrival, Maria discovers that the family’s happiness and lust for life hasn’t been the same since their mother died. So, as an attempt to brighten the lives of the children, Maria introduces them to the joys of music!

Maria’s handiwork eventually extends to the head of the family, Captain von Trapp, and he and Maria gradually grow closer. I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that there’s more to this story than first appears! It’s set in 1930s Austria so the narrative encapsulates the cultural and historical significance of that time, an element that, I think, really enriches this story!Now, I’m a huge fan of musicals, but Sim is a little harder to persuade when it comes to this genre, but she really enjoyed the second half which focuses more on history and politics. There really is something for everyone in this rendition of The Sound of Music.


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Playing the lead role of Maria is Amy Lehpamer, who has also starred in Rocky Horror Show and Rock of Ages. Captain von Trapp is played by Cameron Daddo and also among this talented list of performers is Marina Prior (Frau Schrader), Lorraine Bayly (Frau Schmidt) and Jacqui Dark (Mother Abbess). The seven children (played by an alternating cast) were amazing! They all sang beautifully and, just as the story goes, they were the centerpiece and heart of this musical.


Just as importantly is the wonderful music played throughout The Sound of Music, and, since we saw the musical,  I can’t stop listening to the full soundtrack on repeat. Here it is for your pleasure. Enjoy.


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