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May 3, 2016


Goodbye April and hello May! April has been a massive month for me: I was made permanent at the publishing company I work for, Uni is busy as always, I started my YouTube channel and I’ve been putting in a lot more time and effort into my blog (thanks for being here with me, guys!).

I’ve also had a few health-related problems which haven’t been the best but throughout it all I’ve collected a few things that have kept me smiling through all the good and bad times! Here are my favourites from the month of April…

Kitty Came Home Bi-Fold Wallet

This isn’t actually a new purchase for me but I’ve been meaning to mention my love for the Kitty Came Home Bi-Fold Wallet on my blog for ages! Last December, Sim and I were stallholders for our store Nook & Burrow at Adelaide’s That Dapper Market. Next to our stall were the fabulous guys from Kitty Came Home, a lovely couple who make gorgeous wallets, diaries, clutches and brooches from vibrant, unique material covered in plastic. I picked up a Bi-Fold wallet in a gorgeous print and I absolutely love it! It fits everything I need and the vibrancy of the print means I can always find it in my bag. Also, the inside it clear plastic so I’m able to see if I have money for coffee in an instant! Essential, in my books.

Pana Chocolate

For those of you who don’t know, Pana Chocolate produce raw, organic, gluten and dairy free, vegan forms of chocolate. I first found them on Instagram (seriously, check out their account, it is stunning!) and before we moved to Melbourne, we visited their Richmond store because I knew whatever they were sellin’, I was buyin’. This year, a lovely friend of mine included two bars of Pana Chocolate in my birthday present and throughout April I’ve savoured nibbling on the Mint and the Coconut & Gogi flavours. These are SO delicious. A little pricey, but definitely worth it!

Voiceworks Magazine

This month I’ve really been digging Issue 103 of Voiceworks: a quarterly magazine which features writing and art by young, aspiring artists and writers. This was one of the first magazines I subscribed to when I first moved to Melbourne and over the past year or so I’ve loved receiving a thick bunch of short stories and amazing creative work through my post box each couple of months. Every issue tends to have a different theme and the Autumn issue is titled Bang! It’s a journey into different corners of the globe, zooming both in and out of people’s lives as they stand still or rush through life. Seriously amazing work from Australia’s young people – inspiring!

Aqua Watch

My aqua green watch is actually an old favourite I picked up from Have You Met Charlie?, one of my favourite stores in Adelaide’s Regent Arcade. I can’t seem to find a link or brand name for the watch, but mine has actually just run out of battery and when I noticed it wasn’t telling the right time, I remembered how much I loved it and how much I’m not ready to let it go! The strap is made of a thick, rubbery material so it’s very comfortable to wear. I also really like the simplicity of the clock face. I’m not ready to have a serious adult watch yet, I still like my chunky green one for now!

Milk & Sugar Botanical Wash Bag

Possibly my ultimate favourite this month is this cute little pouch bag from Milk & Sugar. One of my best friends gifted this to me for my birthday and I haven’t been able to stop staring at it – it’s so cute! The pastel colours, the lined inside, the soft material and the fact that it comes from one of my all-time favourite shops makes it the perfect little bag for me. It’s currently home to my nail polish collection because I’m scared of using it for anything else just in case I get it dirty. This little one isn’t coming out of my clutches anytime soon! Everything from Milk & Sugar is absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend you check out their online shop or head in-store if you’re in Prahran or Fitzroy, Melbourne.


Reading back, I can now see the pattern in this month’s favourites. The majority of these items come from brands that are either local or started in Melbourne – Man, I love this city! Thanks for reading another of my monthly favourites. If you’d like to see an extended version of this blog post, check out my April Favourites video on YouTube where I mention a few extra bits I’ve been loving throughout April.

I hope you’ve all had an excellent month. What are your favourites from April? Let me know in the comments below! Lots of love.


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