Favourite Bloggers: The Beauty Edition

April 8, 2016

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As I mentioned in my Minimal Make-up Routine blog post, I’m a relatively new convert to all things beauty related. I owe my (late bloomer) beauty revelation to a couple of bloggers who I’ve been following for the last year or so. Of course, blogs come in all different shapes and sizes but the bloggers I really engage with are often those who have an awesome website which is regularly updated, an engaging YouTube channel or a beautiful Instagram. If you’re into that kind of thing as well, keep reading to find out which beauty bloggers are my absolute faves.

Let’s start with YouTube. I’ve been an avid YouTube subscriber for a couple of years now and in those years, I’ve come to realise how amazing YouTube is as a community-based platform. It provides opportunity for people to have a voice when they wouldn’t necessarily have their ideas and opinions heard through mainstream media. It’s also a fantastic tool to connect with other people and to disseminate ideas and opinions  – I’m so grateful to be privileged enough to be able to access the internet and its rich source of content.

The beauty world on YouTube is massive and although it sometimes cops a lot of negativity, for me it’s a place where I go to learn, be encouraged to take care of myself and feel motivated and confident. And for that, I have the following people to thank for their amazing work:


Vivianna Does Makeup


Website | YouTube Channel | Instagram

If I had to choose just one blogger to follower for the rest of my days, it would be Anna. I adore Anna’s style of writing, her down-to-earth attitude and how she’s not afraid to mix up her content every now and then. Anna lives in Brighton, England and she blogs primarily about beauty, lifestyle, food, fitness and homewares; she also films sporadic weekly vlogs which include a lot of delicious-looking baked goods, her famous purple dressing gown and a demonstration of just how organised she is. I enjoy following Anna’s blog as she motivates me to be organised, healthy and positive. Keep up the fab work, Anna!


In The Frow


Website | YouTube Channel | Instagram

The most gorgeous website award goes to Victoria from In The Frow. Victoria lives in London but she is always travelling (and taking us along with her) to amazing destinations around the world. In The Frow stands for ‘in the front row’ and readers of this blog enjoy stunning photography, lots of luxury style & beauty bits and Victoria’s in-depth knowledge of make-up and fashion. Even though her blog is extremely high end, Victoria remains humble and friendly and is a joy to follow.


Jules Von Hep


Website | YouTube Channel | Instagram

Jules is one of those bloggers that you instantly feel like you’ve known for years. He’s super friendly, absolutely hilarious and knows his stuff when it comes to skin care and tanning! Jules also has a podcast with his friend Sarah, which is such a treat – I definitely recommend you give it a listen! Jules also lives in London (are you sensing a theme here?) with his partner, Jake, and as a member of the LGBT community, it’s really nice to see a depiction of an every day same-sex couple on YouTube during Jules’ weekly vlogs. Jules also blogs about beauty, men’s fashion, food and lifestyle.


Lily Pebbles

Lily Pebbles

Website | YouTube Channel | Instagram

Lily is such an inspiring blogger. It’s clear from her content that she takes her work seriously and gives it her absolute all! Lily blogs about fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle. She lives in London, England and what I really like about Lily is that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and say what she thinks. She admits to not being overly ‘girly’ and I love the way she styles clothes in a unisex, monochrome fashion.


Samantha Maria


Website | YouTube Channel | Instagram

Sammi (formerly known as Beauty Crush) is a beauty bloggin’ guru. Sam is so authentic, vulnerable and honest about the way she lives her life and I totally dig it. She’s absolutely stunning and has a really enviable wardrobe but she’s such a humble, often shy, blogger who genuinely cares about her audience. Samantha Maria primarily blogs about fashion – she is the co-creator of Novem & Knight – beauty, skincare, lifestyle and London. She also has a vlog channel where she documents her every day life. I adore Sammi’s style and creative vision when it comes to clothes; her motivation is truly inspirational.



Hello October

Hello October-p9

Website | YouTube Channel | Instagram

Suzie has such a complex understanding of make-up and beauty. Her blog features a lot of make-up tutorials, hauls and first impression videos. I really like Suzie’s style, her fashion hauls are particularly interesting! Suzie also pops in the occasional vlog of either her every day life in Brighton, England or from her many trips around the world. Hello October is a fabuous all-round fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog.


I hope you enjoyed this edition of my favourite beauty bloggers, if you have any recommendations of bloggers you follow/watch/read that you think I’ll enjoy please leave them in the comments below. Keep an eye out for the next installment in this series of favourite bloggers, next up, my favourite book bloggers! Thanks for reading. x

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  • Reply Sophie April 18, 2016 at 10:55 am

    Great picks! I love Anna as well. She seems like a genuinely lovely person-plus she has the makeup taste and product picking skills down pat. I’m a big fan of Estee, although she’s branched out into more lifestyle-y content these days & I still really love Ingrid’s channel. She was one of the first beauty gurus I ever subscribed to. Alix from I Covet Thee is one of my favourites too. All the British girls seem lovely actually. x

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