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March 31, 2016


It’s time to wrap up all of the bits I’ve been loving during this marvellous month of March; from beauty and homewares, to books and beverages.



It’s time to wrap up all of the bits I’ve been loving during this marvellous month of March; from beauty and homewares, to books and beverages.

ReadingA Few Days in the Country by Elizabeth Harrower

I’ve been reading Elizabeth Harrower’s recently released short story collection as part of my internship with The Stella Prize. A Few Days in the Country is on this year’s Stella Prize shortlist and it was my job to read the book and host a book club discussion on Twitter last Monday night. Although all the shortlisted books sound fantastic, I was really glad to be reading this because I’m not sure it’s something I would ave picked up on my own account, and I really enjoyed it. I read it while I was away in Leongatha (the country) and the landscape was the perfect setting to read this harrowing, heartbreaking, gripping and nostalgic set of short stories. I’ll be writing a full review soon!

Wearing: Strawerry Brulee Coral Colours Lipstick

After years of staying away from lipstick to avoid that dry lip dilemma, I’ve finally found one that is both moisturising and natural-looking – yipee! I adore the colour of this strawberry brulee lipstick, which I would describe as peachy, browny, pinky. It glides on and keeps your lips moisturised while also giving them a natural, kissable sheen.

Using: Pottery dish by Charles Wilton

Sim and I picked up this little pottery dish from White Rabbit Collective in Brunswick (such a beautiful store with many hidden gems if you ever get the chance to visit!). I love the colours and uneven texture of pottery, it’s perfect for storing jewellery or coins. It brings me happiness every time I see it on our shelf.

Drinking: Hot Chocolate (mint) Capsules by Podista

Sim completely spoiled me for my birthday earlier this month and bought me a CitiZ Nespresso machine and I’m completely hooked. So when I saw mint hot chocolate pods in Coles, I was all over it. The chance to enjoy frothy hot chocolates as well as frothy lattes from the comfort of my own home? Heaven. Also, mocha now happens and it’s divine. Seriously, if you have a Nespresso machine, treat yourself with some chocolatey companions, you’ll be thanking yourself come winter!

Listening: The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan

After hearing so many amazing things about Kirsty Logan’s The Gracekeepers on BookTube & #bookstagram, I was thrilled when Bolinda audio sent me a copy of the audio book. Recently, Sim and I took a road trip to regional Victoria and we popped in the Bolinda CD and off we went! It’s read by the author (which is always my favourite kind of audio book) and it follows the story of two characters, North & Callanish, who live in a dystopian-esque world which is predominanetly filled with water and small chunks of island. The inhabitants are split into either Damplings (people who live at sea) and Landlockers (people who live on land). It’s an intriguing, beautifully-written, mystical book which I’m about a third of the way through and am looking forward to reviewing for you all very soon!


I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving during March in the comments below. I hope you’re all doing well and have had an excellent month. x

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