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March 23, 2016

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How many of you guys carry a laptop in your handbag? If you’re like me and you find yourself leaning crookedly to one side after days and days of lugging your laptop around to and from work or Uni, you’ll know that it is not only detrimental to your spine but also a damn nuisance. So I’m on the hunt! For a new, robust, structured, spacious (and hopefully stylish) handbag.

Yes I know, I could opt for the backpack solution…but it makes me feel like a school kid and I’m yet to find a rucksack that suits anything more than going to the gym. The shopper’s tote bag I’ve been using for the last 6 months is falling apart and it’s had its fair share of being stuffed into my wardrobe and flung around on public transport. I’m ready to invest in a decent handbag; one that I can take care of and that can take care of me at the same time.

I’ve whittled my wishlist down to 5 potentials. Here they are:


Bria by Tony Bianco

Bria - TB

This gem is on the top of my lust list. I love the versatility of having both a cross-body strap and a handle that slings over the crook of your arm. As you’ll notice, most of the handbags I’m looking at are either black, navy or tan, because I think these neutral colours are able to be paired with multiple outfits and they’re relatively timeless. The slender, sleek design of Bria is perfect for a professional environment and it’s deep and sturdy body will definitely be able to hold my somewhat chunky computer.


Warehouse Double Buckle Detail Tote

Warehouse DB - Asos

I adore the navy version of this bag! It’s simple and stylish with an added visual interest in the gold hardware. The outside also seems to have a texture finish, which is great for camouflaging any potential nicks or scratches!


Amie Panelled Weekender by Seed Heritage

Amie Panelled Weekender -Seed

I really like how the Amie adds a little colour into my mostly monochrome bag search. I think this bag would work well with both casual use and for heading into the office; it’s smart, classic and looks incredibly soft. The only thing I’m hesitant about not sure about is the size. The Seed website doesn’t include the bag’s measurements so I might have to pop in store to make sure it can take the weight of my every day essentials.


Trixie by Tony Bianco 

Trixie - TB

Again, Trixie fits the bill for being stylish, minimal and professional-looking. I also think this bag suits a corporate environment really nicely. The only concern is that this bag doesn’t have strap options. I’m not sure that I would comfortably sling this over my shoulder, aside from that I really like it!


Some Secret Place by Status Anxiety


Now this is certainly an investment bag for me. Aside from having a really cute name, the Some Secret Place bag by Status Anxiety is perfect because it’s so deep! It’s a slouchy, double strap bag with plenty of room for notebooks, a laptop, and the usual handbag essentials. I really love the soft grey tones and the more I’m looking at it, the more I’m justifying it to myself that it’s probably worth the cash splurge. I’ve owned a Status Anxiety Audrey wallet in the past and they’re of such beautiful quality, I think this bag would definitely be worth the investment.

If you have any handbag brand recommendations for me, I’d absolutely love to hear from you! Or do you own any of the bags I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments below. x

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  • Reply Isa June 11, 2016 at 12:25 am

    Hi I’m interested in seeing if you had a look instore for the AMIE PANELLED WEEKENDER?

    • Reply lillytales June 13, 2016 at 9:49 am

      I didn’t! I could only find it online. Sorry!

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