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March 9, 2016


This past weekend Sim and I moved from a one-bedroom unit to a two-and-a-half-bedroom house. It was a weekend filled with heavy lifting, cardboard boxes, two distressed cats and a whole lotta take away (we’re still waiting for our gas to be connected…well, that’s our excuse anyway).



In preparation for the big move we’ve visited a lot of furniture stores and home hardware stores (Bunnings should have some sort of rewards program), and we’ve done A LOT of Pinterest browsing. It got me thinking about decision making in regards to homewares and how, even if Pinterest is tempting and often very aesthetically pleasing, there are some items that just aren’t worth spending a lot of money on and then there are some that are definitely worth the investment.

Where to invest


This may seem like an odd thing to ‘invest’ in because it’s a temporary service but getting help to move is the best thing we’ve done. We’ve moved a couple of times in the last few years and we’ve always tried to do it on the cheap by moving our stuff in cars/hired vans/trolleys and it is seriously not worth the pain and potential meltdown.
Hire someone to help you out, even if it’s just for the big things. You won’t break your back and your furniture will arrive quicker, safer and with your mental health still intact.

Dining table

After years of eating on a small coffee table or on our laps, we finally have a dining room that is big enough to house a table. Although a dining table is predominantly used for eating, for me it’s a whole lot more. It’s where I set up my laptop and work, where we entertain, where we congregate and where we might in the future feed a growing family. We wanted a dining table large enough to accommodate all of those things and one that isn’t going to fall apart or look outdated in a few years. We went with the Mosaic 7 piece dining suite from FocusOn Furniture. It came with chairs and the guys who delivered it assembled it all in under 2 minutes. Hooray for no flat pack!


You spend a good chunk of time on it every day so make sure it’s comfortable, supportive and clean. Good sleep is the key to being your best self. We invested in a new bed frame from FocusOn Furniture and it has made our sore backs/necks from moving a whole lot happier.


Where to Save

Trend pieces

I can’t quite tell if white & grey marble is classic or just a current trend, but either way, I would suggest not spending a massive amount of money on items that are everywhere right now. In no way am I against being ‘on-trend’ because I’m as into copper and marble as the next gal but here is where you have the flexibility to change your homewares up every now and then without breaking the bank each time.


H&M Home is a good place to go for inexpensive, on-trend cushions. You may be feeling a little bored with your current couch look but chuck a couple of different cushions on it and it’ll look as good as new!


Coffee table

One word: Kmart. I swear everyone in Australia has this coffee table at the moment. From memory, it was around the $40 mark and fulfils my desire for industrial furniture without costing the earth. Gumtree is also a good place to look for inexpensive coffee tables.



Again, check Gumtree on this one if you’d like to find something relatively inexpensive. There are always quite a few good & sturdy desks going around! Or, if you’re like us and like a challenge, you can always whip one up yourself. Last year we bought some LERBERG trestle legs from Ikea and a slab of wood from Bunnings which we secured together with velcro strips. As long as you’re not planning on jumping on it, it’s a sturdy desk which is able to be cut to size depending on the space you’d like to fill.

In our new house we have an office which can fit two desks so we invested in two Ikea KLIMPEN drawer units and purchased a door from Bunnings and affixed them together. It’s a deep desk which can house both our computers and the drawer units make for handy storage!


Oh and here’s a quick snap of one of the aforementioned distressed cats, Lupin, who is refusing to leave the confines of my pillowcase.



I’m planning to do a house tour blog post once we’re settled into the place so let me know in the comments below if that’s something you’d like to see. Also feel free to share any moving tips or housey Pinterest boards for all of us to enjoy!

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