L’Oreal True Match Foundation | New vs Old

March 5, 2016


My all time favourite foundation for the last 6 months has been the L’Oreal True Match foundation. I picked up my first bottle from Boots when I was in the London last year and after seeing a lot of recommendations online I was excited to try it! Since then, L’Oreal have released a new and improved formula for the True Match range and I’ve finally picked up a bottle in a lighter shade to suit my current Casper-white complexion.

It was summer time when I was in London so I picked up a slightly more tanned shade as it was the right match for my skin at the time. My new bottle is in Rose Beige and true to it’s name, it is the perfect match for my current complexion. Aside from my new bottle of L’Oreal True Match looking a lot cleaner and nicer than my old grubby bottle, it is also way more blendable and that’s the main reason I’m loving it so much. I found that the old formula would sit on top of my skin but the new formula blends in seamlessly.

In regards to application, I used to apply the old formula with my fingertips because it blended better into the skin when it responded to warmth; however, I now apply the new formula with my BH Comestics buffing brush. Because the new formula is able to be blended more easily, a good buffing brush is all that’s required to achieve a nice matte finish to the skin. You only really need one pump to cover the whole face and the coverage is able to built up if you’re after a more heavy-duty make up look.

The new formula also plays along nicely with concealer – some foundations can react to added product and create patches on the face – but not this bad boy! All in all, I’m really happy with the new and improved formula for this foundation. I liked it beforehand but now it’s become a bit of a holy grail base coat in my make up routine and I’ll definitely be re-purchasing. Thanks L’Oreal!

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