Wild Timor Coffee Co.

March 3, 2016


Location: 282 Sydney Road, Coburg, Melbourne.
Highlights: Magazines & newspapers to flick through, a seriously good chai latte and a positive social impact.


Last weekend Sim and I had the pleasure of visiting a gem of a coffee shop. Alongside it’s unique and beautiful wall decor (see below), Wild Timor Coffee Co. has a passion for environmental sustainability and social missions. They also make a cracking chai latte.

Wild Timor Coffee Co. looks quite small from the outside but as soon as you step in the front doors, you’re welcomed by a large sitting area with high ceilings and comfortable furnishings. There’s also an outdoor area with long benches and umbrellas (just in case you’re caught outside on one of those typical Melbourne days where it sporadically rains on and off throughout the day).



The staff were really friendly and the whole space felt calm and kind. There’s quite a bit of information adorning the walls & tables about Wild Timor’s social programs as well as some gorgeous black & white photography showcasing the process of coffee harvesting and the local surroundings & people of Timor.

Wild Timor Coffee Co.’s mission is ‘To source organic, ethical and direct traded coffee from Timor Leste [and] to develop social programs that encourage and incentivise the highest quality coffee’. It’s clear they’re passionate about dealing in 100% direct trade with their coffee farmers and the focus is on supporting and respecting the people who are growing & harvesting their beautiful coffee.

If direct trade is something you’re passionate about or you’ve visited Wild Timor Coffee Co. and you’d like to donate to their fundraising programs to support sustainable work in Timor, click here. Alternatively you can follow the Wild Timor Coffee Co. blog for ongoing information about this cute little cafe in Coburg. One of my faves so far!




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