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January 21, 2016

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There’s nothing quite like a great audio book to keep you entertained on a long journey.  The only thing? Audio books in CD format are so darn expensive! But don’t fret, I have the answer: BorrowBox.

BorrowBox is an audio book app hosted by the lovely people at Bolinda. Available on both iTunes & Android, BorrowBox differs from the rest because it acts as a borrowing station, in other words, you’re able to ‘borrow’ audio books by downloading them onto your device straight away, for free! After 12 or so days the audio book expires and it travels back into the BorrowBox library for other users to enjoy. Amazing!


The BorrowBox library is currently only available for people in Australia, New Zealand the UK and you must be signed up to a participating public library (be sure to ask your local library next time you’re there to see if they align with Bolinda’s BorrowBox!) To sign in, just use your library card number and password and you’re on your way!

I’ve recently been blissin’ out to the audio book of Helen Garner’s The Spare Room – this is my first Garner experience and I’m absolutely digging her writing so far.

Happy listening. x

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