Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

January 19, 2016


Rated: 3/5

In Why We Broke Up, we discover the makings of Ed & Min’s relationship. Ed is a basketball player with a weakness for pretty girls and Min is a quirky, clever girl who is obsessed with classic films. A seemingly mis-matched pair, these two teenagers find themselves drawn together in lust, love and contradictions.

The story of Why We Broke Up explores how Min and Ed got together, dated and eventually broke up through a series of objects collected by Min throughout their relationship. Each chapter uncovers a different momento: from film tickets, to rose petals, to a box of matches as Min reflects in hindsight on her time with Ed and aims to cleanse herself of the significant objects and her lingering feelings for Ed.

There are some parts of this book which I enjoyed and which reminded me of being in love during high school. The format is clear and makes for an easy, quick read. I also really enjoyed the illustrations drawn by Maira Kalman – they made a really lovely partner to each chapter and were a perfect fit for this young adult drama.

I rated this book 3/5 because I’m not the ideal audience for a book such as this, the content and characters were a little young for me but I can definitely understand why this is a popular read for fans of contemporary young adult fiction. A recommended read for anyone who is currently in high school.

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